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About us

You don’t have to worry when you leave your pets.

We are here to help!

If you consider your pets family, would sometimes rather be with animals instead of people (we see you and it’s ok), shower your pets with love and affection, get home with another toy for Fido instead of what you really went shopping for, have more selfies of you and your dog than with your own kids, you’re in the right place!

We get you, and we know how hard it is to leave your pets with someone else or in a kennel, because we’ve been there.

Crazy Wag, LLC was built on the foundation of trust and genuine love of animals, so that you may have peace of mind knowing you are leaving your pets with qualified people who share the same values with you when it comes to pet care.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to our Crazy Wag family and building lasting relationships with you and your pup!

Meet Betsy

Owner and Founder of Crazy Wag, LLC

Betsy has been an animal lover her entire life and loves the fact that she can spend her days doing what she loves, being around dogs all day! Don’t get her wrong though, pet care is a serious business and founding Crazy Wag, LLC was one of the most important and life-changing decisions she has ever made.

She is known for her unwavering commitment to her clients and developing strong relationships with both her clients and their pets. She prides herself in having grown Crazy Wag, LLC organically one “crazy” dog at a time. For Betsy, it’s about providing professionalism and excellent pet care for her clients and their pets without sacrificing quality by growing too fast too quickly.

She grew up with many cats and dogs and is the proud owner of a rescue Chihuahua mix from the Dominican Republic named Rico, a silkie Yorkie named Prince and a cat name Leo.

Crazy Wag Culture & Values

We believe that taking care of pets is a lot more than just stopping by to check in on pets. It’s a lot more than just walking around the block with a dog or feeding the cat. Honestly, It’s about taking the time to connect with and explore the outdoors with the dogs we have been entrusted to care for. It’s about engaging with pets, whether they are dogs, cats, birds or bunnies.

We love to see all tails wagging (even a stump has a little wag to it) and we take pride in providing top of the line pet care that keeps our furry clients and their owners happy.

Join our Crazy Wag team and turn your passion for animals into a career!

Our Story

Before Crazy Wag, LLC came along, Betsy was pet sitting for friends and family for a while. Over time she grew her crazy pack one dog and cat at a time.


Cassie is introduced to our family. She was found playing with a bag on the highway but she was no street chick! This salt and pepper taby was a real classy fur lady.


Rico comes along! We instantly fall for the little dude. He is brave and isn’t shy with his bark.


We meet curious Leo the white and black kittie. This cat loves being involved in everything! He is not the hiding under the bed type, in fact, he’s the get right under the sink with the plumber type cat.


Prince comes along. He is shy and shaggy at first, but now this little silkie can’t stop himself from giving us kisses.


By this time Betsy was known as the local pet sitter in town, and the word was spreading. The Crazy Wag family was growing holistically. People were calling from near and far to book services because they knew their pets would be happy and safe under our care.


Crazy Wag, LLC continues to grow one dog and cat at a time, just as it did in the beginning.

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